Ice Prince advice to upcoming artiste says he is proud to be a Nigerian artist

In an interview with  Sunday Scoop Rapper ice prince Zamani advices upcoming artist never to loose hope says he believes anyone can make it with persistance and God’s grace he added how proud he is to be a Nigerian artist with the way the Nigerian music industry is gaining world attention.

He said

“I believe that everybody can make it. I’m not the finest boy and I am not the most educated but I’m here today. Even the northern part of the country where I come from is not so entertainment inclined and one may be tempted to conclude that no music star can come out of that region. But with persistence and the grace of God, I’ve been able to attain a certain height in my career, even though I believe I’m not at the top yet.”


On Nigerian music gaining world attention, Ice Prince said:

 “Nigerian music is on point right now and I’m actually proud to be a Nigerian artiste. A lot of the folks here work really hard and I’m glad the world has finally noticed. The attention of the world is turned to the Nigerian music industry and everybody wants to do business with us. I think it’s a really good time for the industry” .

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