Kendrick Lamar featured in Lil wayne’s forthcoming Carter V

Martin Shkreli an American business man and investor whom in September 2015, received widespread criticism when Turing obtained the manufacturing license for the antiparasitic drug Daraprim and raised its price by a factor of 56 (from US$13.5 to US$750 per pill), leading him to be referred to by media as “the most hated man in America” and “pharma bro”  has made a return to the spotlight by leaking another track in the lil wayne’s forthcoming carter V, a song featuring Kendrick Lamar

According to TMZ the outspoken businessman previously promised that he wouldn’t leak any more material off of the unreleased album after being criticized for doing just that back in December.

Somewhere along the way, Shkreli changed his mind, and has found himself at the center of controversy once again, this time by way of previewing two new songs, including the Kendrick-assisted “Mona Lisa.” He also, of course, had to record himself as he comments on the rap gold he’s somehow mysteriously procured, saying that Lamar and Wayne’s collaboration is “the highlight” of the album.

watch the video below.

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