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Social media, another world in the World where we all connect with different places, people, and ideas just at a click.

Many businesses found their stepping stone to soar higher. Organization keeps growing broader, people find healing and drive to keep living. It’s an open field to learn, but somehow, some people are still in the dark to these wonderful impact of social media to the world.

Reasons being, they are on the wrong platform, connecting with wrong people and some are on the right platform, but having a completely wrong clique.

You can’t be in a group or have friends who all they do is share pictures (sometimes nude) or write jokes, without anything impactful and expect to experience a lift through social media.

While you’re lagging behind, people are moving forward, garnering knowledge and making the impact.

Social media is not only for gossips and pictures, it is a place for growth. If your media timeline is boring and less impacting, check out the people you’re friends with and sieve away those who are not adding to your life in anyway.

It’s not compulsory to have “many friends,” click and connect with people that will impact you positively.

Don’t waste your time on social media. Join groups and read articles that will inspire you and help you become better.

Leave groups that do not add positive values to your life.

Don’t be a dead person in a living group, engage and participate in discussions. Share your views and air your ideas. No knowledge is ever wasted, let them feel your impact.


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