The Media and You II

Hey dear! Facebook is not only meant for posting “Sunday Pictures.” But before you carp, wait… Read to the end.

Many people on social media platforms today have not really written anything worth reading since they joined.

All we see on your profile is pictures and links that are not profitable to you and to your friends.

Every Sunday you want to show everyone your latest attire and how cute you were in that outfit. True we love it and we love the way you look, but we also want to read what you took home from the day’s message.

The hype of uploading pictures makes some go late to Church and you will see some taking pictures while the message is going on. I know it’s not a crime and that phone is your phone, but do you know you are distracting people around you?

Their eyes will be drawn to you and their mind will be focused on what you’re doing. I know they ought to face the pulpit, but you just created another pulpit where you’re taking shots.

As much as social media is also a place to share pictures, know when to share, what to share and how to share.

Find something more meaningful to talk about.

I know we all can’t be writers on social media, but within every soul is a seed waiting to be placed in a fertile ground.

See more to social media. Give that seed a ground to sprout up, you will never know how important that seed is till it grows into branches with fruits.

Post relevant pictures when necessary and don’t forget, your social media profile is an avenue to reach out positively.

Happy Lord’s Day!

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