KPI Daily – The Media And You III

From the comfort of your home, you get to share your experience with not just a soul, but literally the whole world. People try to identify with your story and they share it far and wide.

This action makes us long to share the next big thing happening in our lives, but as interesting as this sounds, you have to watch what you share.

There’s a reason why your “private life” has the tag “private.” You don’t have to air everything. You have to be mindful of the self image your profile projects.

Somehow, you might get to meet quite a number of your social media friends offline and before you say “Jack” a million thoughts would have flooded their mind about the personality your profile profess. They will conclude on who you really are by the deep and private things about you they once read.

I know it’s interesting sharing our lives with people, but you need to watch it. If it isn’t necessary, please keep it to yourself.

Always try to avoid ‘everything’ and make your page speak about your niche.

People’s opinion about you is highly influenced by what your profile reads.


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