A stump once smiled at an uprooted tree in the forest and said: “I still have hope to flourish again. True, I’ve gone through a lot of breaking and I’ve been scarred. I’ve gone through so much hurt because they wanted to bring me down, but having my root in the earth gives me hope. I might be a stump today, but I still have a place in the earth. It might take a while, but I can still blossom again.”

Just like this stump, life can pull us down, no doubt. It can kick us, thread upon us, mash us to the ground, but it can only overcome us when we refuse to get up as many times as we get knocked down.

I understand looking beyond life’s tides is not a piece of cake. It’s hard! I mean, very hard and a hard nut to break knowing that you are on your feet and the next moment, you get knocked down again.

You feel lost in the middle of nowhere and your hurt seems unending, overwhelming and beyond what you can handle… Just when you think you’re up, something else comes in play and drags you to the mud again. It can be really frustrating, but do you know each time you pull yourself together and get up again it, makes you stronger?

See, there is hope for you. His strength works best in our weakness this strength comes from having an unflinching faith in God. See and know that God cares for you even when He seems far away and the heavens seems locked against you.

Believe against all odds that: faithful is He who has promised and He will not lie.

There’s hope for a living dog than a dead lion.

Keep hope alive!
Smile, hope, keep breathing. It is a good way to live life.

It can only get better.


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