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Weeks ago, I listened intently to the plight of a brother on how his grandpa refused to tell him or his other siblings some crucial details about the family business.

This brother said: “if he had told us, we won’t be where we are today with this business. He felt he was trying to train us to know the facts on our own, but it turned out the business crumbled.”

The pain of seeing the business crumble was written on his face and I could tell he was feeling bad.

It’s always easy to say “the next generation will learn on their own and even do it more perfect” while we keep our knowledge to ourselves.

The world is advancing and there are diverse changes, but the idea we pass on to the next generation can never be wasted.

What is that idea within you that you know so well will be beneficial to your world? You don’t have to wait till they beg you for it. Let it out!

Teach people around you!

Share the idea.
Who knows, they might have a similar interests and the idea might birth something great while you’re still living.

Let’s stop hoarding that knowledge. Take your time to speak in groups, platforms, anywhere you find yourself liable to speak.

Together we can win grounds, but alone, we keep rotating in a circle.


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