KPI Daily – Pray For Her!

At a time or the other, we all have someone in our family who despite the hurt they might have caused us, we still pray for them. We pull ourselves together against the pain they might have inflicted and we pray for them.

You still try to see how you can support that individual in any way possible. This is the same way we should view and place our Nation.

While we are busy ranting about the lives that are being lost for a reason or two, the mishap keeps growing broader and lives are being forced out of people gruesomely.

There is so much you can do to create a change in the Nation.

While we throw banters of hate speech and apportion blames to some leaders or the other, there is still so much more we can do in prayer to implement the change we want.

War isn’t a piece of cake that we can just gulp down and permit to happen. Kids that might make a difference in their generation will get killed.

Families will be misplaced and hearts will be seared with the hurt of completely losing their loved ones.

Nigeria can’t bound in division. Let’s take our time out to pray for peace to reign.

No matter how bad She seems, our Nation needs our prayers. She needs you to intercede for its fixing.

Even if we have the opportunity to run away from Nigeria, our origin will always read her name. Don’t ignore her now! She needs our prayers now more than ever.

Peace not war! That should be our greatest goal for this Nation.

Always remember to Pray for Nigeria!

Gorgeous Morning!

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