It is not everyone you meet that you talk to… Prayerfully consider and choose your friends…

Don’t just jump on everyone and start sharing your thoughts, dreams and secrets with him/her.

Consider his thought pattern, emotional, social and spiritual maturity, exposure, and even education before you just let out things to him.

Some people have carelessly submitted their lives, visions and dreams to witches and wizards.

Selecting friends or someone you share your information or challenges with should not be done without the Holy Spirit.

An attribute of a friend is that you can confide in him or her details of your life and future plans without fear of betrayal.

You must be able to vouch for the loyalty and integrity of someone you wish to open up to.

If you open up to the right person, he or she may be an asset to you; but if otherwise, he or she is a liability.

Thus, it is important for us to seek God’s guidance and direction to discern who we open up our minds to!

Be Careful and Discern!

Gorgeous Morning!

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