KpI Daily – Open Up!

“No one can be trusted” we always complain, and we lock up our pain to ourselves. We try to figure it out on our own and hoard it in because no one will understand or they might call you a weakling. This mindset is making many people thread the path of depression.

You feel you can handle life’s tides on your own and you keep struggling to find a way out of your fears.

This shouldn’t be so. There’s a reason why we are wired differently. God knew we would have a need to complete and help each other out and that is why we have different notions about issues confronting mankind.

From secret faults and hidden pain, and some unspeakable sins, a decision to talk to a trusted fellow about it might be all you need to break free.

Keeping to yourself might sound cool, but there are seasons you need to open up.

Instead of sinking into worry zone, why not talk to someone about your plight. Let them know what you’re going through.

You can’t do it all alone. There is always someone out there who can be trusted.

Don’t die in silence. Open up, it’s always the first step to victory.


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