KPI Daily – What Are You Doing To Make Nigeria Better?

With the state of affairs in Nigeria, agitating to pull her down is the least she needs right now.
Souls have been wasted enough. A lot of people have been displaced, hurt by the loss of their loved ones.

The last war might be a long time ago, but to some people who were dealt with the hurt back then, it’s still very fresh.

Clamoring for anything that will cause striving should be anyone’s least consideration.

A way to make sure we all grow together in unity should be the greatest desire for Nigeria, but we have many who are also blind to the sweetness in unity.

They want a division forgetting the fact that it will call for much disasters and render Nigeria more worse than it already is.

Saying “its none of your business” is an inconsiderable speech. You are one of those supporting her downfall.

The lives of innocent ones, wails of children losing their parents to gruesome death right before their eyes, these are all uncalled for.

What are you doing about Nigeria? Are you part of those striving to build her up or one of those pulling her down?

History will not forgive you for any ills you are in right now and posterity will catch up with you for the negative role you play.

Nigeria needs a call for peace in her regions not war.

Strive to pull her up and mend the fences starting from where you are, your society, place of work or school…

Let peace reign!
Pray for Nigeria!


Gorgeous Morning!

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