jostotheworlddotcom – Exclusive Interview With The Notorious HypeMan

If you’ve been in Jos or anywhere associated and you’re on facebook for the past two days the name Hype man shouldn’t be new to you. The anonymous facebook account threatening and posting nude pictures of girls around Jos stating they need to be decent on social media. The anonymous account promised to post 50 different Jos facebook slayers nude pictures!!! Of course anyone of them that comes up with a certain amount of money(10,000 naira) shall be forgiven!! All praises to the almighty Hypeman!!!!

If you have been following the story closely, you know that as at the time of this post, we are 2 body counts deep.

2 slay mamas

2 sets of nudes

2 sets of nasty-a** explicit chats

48 more to go!!!

While the story continues to unfurl, hypeman chose to grant an interview with none other than via Facebook inbox which for fear of accusations of tampering and forgery, we have decided to post in form of screenshots!! Please enjoy if you can & don’t forget to keep up with for all the juicy updates!!! Oshey!!!

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