KPI daily – The Future

Before the construction of a building, a foundation must be laid and the strength of the foundation determines how long the building will stand.

Your youthful age is like a land waiting to be built on. It is the time you lay a foundation for the future you desire.

The things you do and the actions you take even in your society has a long way to go in the future.

If those who first instigated a division of Nigeria understood what foundation they were placing back then, I guess they would have found a better foundation to lay.

The decisions you make or don’t make now that you are young has a role to play with the next generation.

Look at the admirable aged around you today. The admiration you have for their prosperous and celebrated life and the care they get from their children, it didn’t just happen somewhere along the line in their old age. It is the product of wise choices they made as teens and young adults like you…

You need to realize that whatever choice you make today is the foundation of your future.

Whatever wrong or right things you see In an old man today most likely happened because of the choices he made when he was young.

What choices are you making right now?
What foundation are you building on at the moment?

Is it a foundation of strives, love, hatred, laziness, war, peace… You need to watch it!

Everything you impute into your youthful years is gradually building up for your future.

It makes sense when you renovate a building, but what if the foundation isn’t strong enough to carry the new structure?

Lay up the right foundation and make it strong and good enough to speak positively about you in the future.

Gorgeous Morning!

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Good Morning, bing lead me here, keep up nice work.