KPI Daily – Rejection Is NOT Dejection

To reject is to refuse to accept, to turn down or decline; while dejection is a low state of mind, a state of being depressed or the act of abasing one’s self.

The two words are closely related in terms of spellings but they are far from each other in meaning; though one could lead to the other.

In life, we face some rejections… It is important for us to understand that rejection is part of life. We need to understand that we cannot be accepted everywhere.

Nothing mortal can be accepted universally; that you were rejected somewhere does not mean you will be rejected everywhere.

In a situation where you are holding a bunch of key and you are to open a lock with one of the keys. You don’t know the key that will open the door, but you know the right key is in the bunch.

For you to open the lock, you must keep trying the keys… One after the other even if it means starting all over again.
Now let me tell you

Don’t cry when people throw you at the backyard,
Don’t cry when they reject you,
Don’t cry while they are looking down at you.

Dejection will make you stop trying. It will make you feel worthless and render your existence irrelevant.

Don’t give in to dejection, it is dangerous!

The rain is coming and the same people who are rejecting you will invite you.

God loves even those that are left out and looked down upon.

God will bless you, just stay connected to him and everyone will see how valuable you are.


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