JosGist – Being Rated #50 In A City Full Of Good Artists Qualifies You [Shadez To Bayo Elazey]

It’s already mid-week and you know a week don’t pass this peacefully without a little fun in this city. First of all let’s tell you about the two names on the caption if you ain’t familiar with them. Bayo Elazey and Shadez are both up coming artists in Jos and apart from the music, Elazey is the CEO at Lo’Lah Studios and founder of E’s Empire. On the other hand Shadez should be familiar to you. He’s all around the entertainment scene of Jos, a professional sound engineer and a music critic. Now here is the gist Elazey made a post and we qoute “I might not be on every show But am one of the biggest things in and out of Jos City this year, Check the charts I dy Top am”. You know we don’t joke with screenshots so this is it.. lol Wow feels good to be confident about about your ability. In case you don’t know, Bayo Elazey is the only artist in jos to reach the second stage in the kings of sounds beat competition. Our correspondent wanted arguing votes didn’t count in the competition as there was more support shown to other artists than Elazey during the competition but Shadez defended saying it actually counted. Hearing from the fellow artist, sound engineer and music critic Shadez said he knows the guy in person but never heard his music But before the final words from Shadez let us feed you with some comments on the post And everything ended with the last words from Shadez “He said “one of”..that’s very possible. With the amount of good artists in jos, being rated #50 qualifies you”. Could this be the end of this? We can’t tell, except for Bayo Elazey who made two posts we thought could be related to this. Keep up with the latest trending gist in Jos!! Only on!!!

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