KPI Daily – Be A Blessing

“It is alright. You can go now and I hope these serves you and your family for today.” Mr. Jones said as he handed over the plastic bag in his hands to Funmi.

“Ah! This is too much sir!” Funmi exclaimed as she took the bag from Mr. Jones.

“I… We are only looking for our dinner, we did not mean to exhaust all your food items” Funmi said, still staring at the bag before her. She had to drop it because of its weight.

“It is nothing. My family and I can afford it.” Mr. Jones replied softly to Funmi who was now praying for him, genuflecting.

And that was how Mr Jones became a blessing to that family.

The word will be a better place if we all become sources of blessings, happiness and laughter to others.

Don’t be too stingy to hold back the little you have.

The little you have in your hand becomes much in the hand of those in need and in the sight of God.

Be a source of blessings to others.


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