KPI Daily -Your Integrity Matters

Opportunity is a chance for advancement or profit, a favorable circumstance.

While it is good to leverage on opportunities, you also need to weigh them out first.
You need to diligently pray about it.

Is this God’s will for my life?
Will venturing into this glorify God?
What image will this opportunity portray me to be?

Opportunities are good as it gives you a leap towards your desires, but some opportunities could be a snare to trap you.
It could become what will deviate your foot from the path of faith.

It could even mar your integrity and make you worthless.
In the end, it would not be about your affluence or how influential you are, your integrity matters a lot.

People will respect and honour you for your integrity, have that in mind.

Be willing to walk away from opportunities that compromise your conviction.

Gorgeous Morning!