Caution – Fraudsters Disguised As Saints To Extort Money From Social Media Users

The online world is full of fraudsters and other evil doers, with so many ways of tricking people into giving money the concept of a disguised saint is the trend now.

We came across one Pastor Mike Adeyemi’s chat from both instagram and facebook users thanking God for not falling into the trap of the fraudster

The facebook user Victorious Icon (Nigerian Artist /Music Producer) Shared:

And a Pastor Almost Defrauded Me earlier Today.
If this Facebook Account is legit then I’m highly disappointed and I pray God forgives you.
Just ask me for money directly and I will give if the need be, out of my goodwill and generosity. Scammers opening fake accounts and trying to scamm me kole werk!! Just go to Alaba get a distribution licence and start selling my album e go pay una pass all this Zim
#Finallyfamous #FinallyFamousLp

Amongst the comments under this post, two other users shared screenshots of the same person trying to lure them into giving money

And the Instagram User shared this :

It’s so Painful that people fail to Understand That you can not Insult,Cheat,Lie against a man that is Ordained by God and go free…
How on earth will some just sit down, Hack someone’s account or open an account just to cheat people using Men/women of God haba fear God..the day that the Wrath of God will come upon Those Scammers ah I pity their Generation. Its well
This is one of my Chat with one Raji F Oluwakemi…on Instagram.who claim to be Pastor Nike Adeyemi.

It doesn’t just end with the name above so we urge everyone to be more careful with new people they meet online

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