JosGist – “Rebuilding The Jos Music Industry Is What I’m Up To, I’m Going To Record, Manage, Sponsor And Launch 20 Musicians By Next Year” [Jos Veteran Music Producer El More Hodus Promised]


With promising up coming acts, bloggers, producers,sound engineers, disk jockeys, video jockeys on air personalities, event planners and the state government extending great support, it’s no doubt that the music industry in Jos, Nigeria will grow to unimaginable heights.

Ace Music Producer El more Hodus who is the CEO at Beats Embassy Dynasty and head of productions and ICT at 95.9 maloney Fm, Fan zone just stepped into the revolution with a world class scheme, he promised to record,manage,sponsor and launch 20 musicians by next year and is calling on anyone willing to share in the dream to contribute and his/her capacity.

He shared on his Facebook handle with this photo

“I’m going to record, manage, sponsor and launch 20 musicians by next year but I’m starting some of the works this year. Gospel/secular musicians. Rebuilding the jos music industry is what I’m up to. Are you a musician, graphic designer, producer,promoter,djs,OAP,sound engineer, blogger or you wanna give out some money please inbox me let’s do this together…. let’s rebuild jtown entertainment via good sounds and take back what belongs to us, let’s challenge Lagos because we have it #wejosrecord #jostotheworld”.

If you are interested in sharing or benefiting from this dream, inbox the music producer via:

Facebook @El More Hodus.

Twitter. @elmorelordofdabeat