Dilemma Of Every Girl [Slay Or Slayed Mamma]


First of all, who is a slay mama? The Urban dictionary defines a slay mamma as ‘Someone who is so good looking its stabs someone’s heart, or “slays” their eyes’. Can refer to male or female . But here in Nigeria we have a different notion to this and basically it’s referred to the feminine gender.

Now here it is :

A slay mama or a slayed mama?
Who is a slay mama, a slay mama is a girl that knows what she wants and goes for it, she is real and don’t hide a thing, she knows that in this world of opportunities she is not going to settle for less.

She is proud of who and what she is regardless of who thinks different. she is every man’s dream and yet every man sees her in the shape of a nightmare, you know that girl your mom warned you about? Well we(men) see slay mamas as that.

I have a very different opinion to this, in the real sense the type of girls my mom warned me about are the slayed mamas’ and not the ‘slay mamas’, now who is a slayed mama? A slayed mama is that girl who wants something but claims not to, maybe she is like that to please a bigger influence often times parents, she settles for what is given and not what she could take. Some of these slayed mamas can be very dangerous, they are like chameleons, with mood swings because they get tired of settling for less when they don’t even work to earn the high status they want. I’ve been in a relationship with a slayed mamma that almost took me to an early grave. She doesn’t care where you get it, all she wants is give it to her satisfaction.

In conclusion, it’s better to settle with someone you’ve known their attitude over time, true colours show with time rather than having a new person with mood swings like disco light. Fact is every man wants a slay mama but to himself, just ask Mr 2Kay( who no want better thing?), and slay mamas want guys that appreciate and encourage them as well as push them to do their best and never settle for less. And if you are a slayed mama don’t end up in the background because you don’t want people to talk bad about you when you try to avoid that, that is when the talk keeps coming.

Shout out to the girl [Slay Mamma] knowing what she wants and going for it for the bright future belongs to her.