JosHypeMan Gist – Fake Packaging Is The New Madness [HCME Finnese Bizakeem Claiming To Be 21Savage In Newly Posted Photo]

Jos Hype-Man is a new social media personality we strongly believe is in to make our industry a great one

His recent publications on certain things going wrong in the industry is a good gesture to reckon with.

We hope to see more of unspoken words in the industry from Jos Hype-man.


Is HCME finesse BIZAKEEM tryna claim 21 SAVAGE??

 Hell yeah!!

 Below are facts that shows bizakeem is impersonating or claiming to be 21 savage…
1. The picture tagged evidence “B” shows an artist performing on a stage… now dat platform is to BIG itz more of TOUR stage… so…..when did BIZAKEEM go on tour?? When was the picture taken? We have no news of any show/tour of the artist in his new label HCME…so when was this picture taken and on what PLATFORM was the artist performing??

And if you’ll recall 21 SAVAGE is on TOUR..
2. Take a close look at the picture on “A” and “B” zoom at the microphone and check the bottom(the area circled) of the mic ,You’ll see TWO (2) white stripes or was BIZAKEEM on tour with 21 SAVAGE? If he ain’t then there is no way he (bizakeem) is the artist on picture “B”

3. HAIRSTYLE- BOTH artist wear dreads, now that’s a big 1 ???.. BUT BIZAKEEM DYED HIS HAIR as at the time of his signing with HCME(and the picture was posted weeks after the signing) and the picture tagged “D” is a recent picture which shows dat bizakeem still wears same DYED DREADLOCKS…. Agreed the picture is a throwback? then it must be taken during his days with SPACE BOIZ ENT. I will still ask when? Where? And on what PLATFORM was d picture taken and by which PHOTOGRAPHER?

    Now 21 SAVAGE still wears his black dread.
4.Take a close look at the pictures on “A” and “B” zoom at the artist FOREHEAD and gently observe you will see a CROSS TATTOO(➕).. NOW we all knw dat BIZAKEEM has no tattoo on his FACE and 21 SAVAGE wears a cross tattoo on his forehead…
5. Well did bizakeem post the picture because he is a fan of 21 SAVAGE? That’s a BIG NO!! because the picture has no caption acknowledging 21 Savage  and if you take a stroll to the singer’s twitter profile (@1daboibizakeem) you will see the same picture as his PROFILE PICTURE…
6. Even though the pix is not found on 21 SAVAGE Instagram it is clear that someone posted the picture and tagged him(21 SAVAGE) check down left of the picture you’ll find an Instagram tag symbol on the picture, that’s what people do for celebrities.

And finally Bizakeem should calm down and respect his level… HE WILL GET THERE SOMEDAY
This kind packaging no isn’t worth it. He’s fooling his fanbase…..
To clear your doubts check out 21 savage IG(@21savage) pictures compare and contrast to be sure.