Zamani Justice by Kamor Maxwell

Kamor Maxwell a writer, poet and a law student at university of Jos.

He wrote this article addressing nigerian music critiques who criticize with public opinions rather than known facts.

Kamor picked Ice Prince Zamani as case study because he feels the recent happenings around the Nigerian rapper fits in the message he has to pass across.


​Artistry, just like a political career needs to be augmented every counting seconds with seasoning that will make even those fasting and praying on the mountain for 40 days and 40 night break that fast just to have a taste of that irresistible dish. Great artists like Mozart, Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and many others live through the eons because of their fecundity. Music is the soul of mother earth, without which sadness might reign (rain) supreme! And in Africa, Nigeria has over the years taken it upon itself to play the role of the piper and the rest dance. 

Music in Nigeria is one hell of a task to do. Nigerians as a matter of fact do not have a very particular genre of music they appreciate. We love songs that makes us dance, street songs and as a matter of fact even blues. LOLs. Ask Johnny Drille. Rap is the thing now, and even though in all honesty our rap is loosing stands to the South, hence the lives fixing is prolly in the works (thank you uncle MI). This brings us to our person, Ice Prince Zamani. The Niger state born Rapper, Jos bred and Lagos based rapper has over time been criticized for his new style of music. Fans all over the country confess they don’t like his new pattern of singing/rapping (anyone you know he does), and as a matter of fact some tag him an ” Upcoming Artist”. Now thats a dumb phrase to use on a BET award winner. As a matter of fact, Ice is the only Nigerian rapper to win the BET and just a friendly reminder, he has major endorsement deals.

The Oleku crooner, a song that made him the darling of Nigerians, a crown in the jewel and even gave Brymo a plot of land in the expensive hall of fame in Nigeria. That song lives on, just like Fela. Right? Now, we hear little or no hits from Ice Prince. What is happening? Well, permit me to intimate you on what is actually happening. Nigerians as a matter of fact have lost faith in him that they hardly download and listen to his songs. I cannot deny the fact that he has fallen off from the very top where he once was all I’m saying is that he needs justice. In 2016, he released his 3rd studio album “Jos to the world”. Fans downloaded and some actually listened to the songs on the album, if you haven’t kindly click here.

I personally gave that album a 4/10 rating at first, and that owes largely to the fact that I was influenced by the negative comments around me. Some few months ago, my room mate, a die hard Ice Prince fan sent me the songs once again and I took out time and listened to them. In all honesty and without mincing words, Ice Prince still got it. Songs like Looking at you, Me Vs Me, For Yah, Belinda, 2am in Chevron, Rich, Want it all and Stand Out would win another rapper a plethora of awards in 2017 and Trillions featuring the street king Phyno would have been a mad hit if it was Phyno and Olamide that were on that track alone. That album did not get justice simply because it was Zamani’s. 

Most recently, he released a song ” Replay” and if we were to be honest with ourselves, we heard the Ice as of old on that record but no one is even talking about it. Everyone is busy arguing which is better between Davido’s FIA and Wizkid’s Manya, when as a matter of fact the better song was left in the cold of Finland. 

Next time, I suggest we listen to him and remove sentiments and any feelings of lost hopes we’ve had on him and see whether or not he’s really sharing seats with Eedris Abdulkarim, Konga, Black Face, Faze, Style Plus and prolly Dammy Krane (LOLs). 

If I knew Ice or any if his close friends, I would tell them to tell him we miss him and we hope soon he’ll shut his critics up. I mean make them permanently dumb ooo. Well, who knows perhaps Ice Prince might read this one day, well it’s all good. 

Ice needs more justice for crying out loud. *plugs earphone and plays “Looking at you”*. BTW, I’m actually looking at you!!! 

Kamor Maxwell. 2017©. 

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