“Tell Him You’re Pregnant, Collect The Money For Abortion, Then Go Shopping,This December Shall Not Pass You By”[facebook User States]

It is yet again another festive season and the festive season is known for celebration and spending. Finances is one of the biggest things people stress over during the festivities, especially Ladies. 

They have a certain expectation on how to look, their hair and outfit, like the popular quote “no Matter how old you are, you still need Christmas clothes “

Some ladies think Men should spend more on them during this season, especially those in relationships 

 A facebook User “Vivian David” have shared a post on how ladies should make money ,with the caption “ Tell him you’re pregnant, collect the money for abortion, then go for shopping this December shall not pass you bye, ladies are you with me? “

 So ladies are you with her or not? ..lol 

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