The Misperception of Slay Queens

2017 is about to end and the slang slay mama/ queen is yet to be explained vividly by anyone. We might have been given different definitions of the Slang, for others, they don’t bother checking for the meaning because of the perception they have been given by the word Slay queen 

These days social media tends to make the word more complicated and confusing. In Nigeria slay queens are identified by their social media handle Names (mhiz, itz), their posture in pictures, the weight of makeup and filter they use and so on

The word SLAY became popular after Beyonce’s formation music video. Everyone has a way of slaying whatever they do, when we use the word “slay” it means we are greatly impressed or amused by someone. Sometimes, it is used to refer to a persons ability or talent level. A slay queen is often described as a hardworking, independent, down to earth and talented woman 

 In a typical Nigerian community  when it comes to the word slay queen, people bring all the funny and negative connotations to the word. In Nigeria slay queens are known for their luxurious fake life, not to forget the opposite gender ” slay kings ” 

 But what qualifies and makes Nigerian slay queens different from others? 

 The typical slay queen never leaves home without makeup, we all know makeup is good but she never allows people around see her without makeup, most slay queens are known to be plastic. Fake eyebrows, lashes, nails e.t.c, short dresses are what they love the most, to flaunt there legs. 

They get to live Fake and Expensive lifestyles, wear borrowed clothes, shoes and their love for materialistic things shines through. In most cases we get to see them making use of other people’s phones and are always documenting their lives on social media, Also the number of followers and likes they get on a post is known as their Achievement 

Not to forget the fake accent and the way they pronounce certain words. When it comes to intellect 95% of them have nothing to offer, and lastly they roll with their parents age mates, going all around the country, there is no part of the country that they are not familiar with 

 What type of slay queen are you? The type we described first, or not? 


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