Tips On Traveling With Kids

We all love traveling don’t we? The Eiffel tower, the stature of liberty that watches over the beautiful city of New York, the great pyramids of Egypt, the Niagara falls, the Haj Matal in India, the beautiful sea shores of Brazil, the beef in Argentina, the beauty of Dubai and many other dream lands.

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We all wish we could at one point in our lives, could visit and have first hand experiences of those places. If wishes were horses beggars will play Polo.
Traveling comes in different shapes and colors for many people. Others regard traveling as a hobby and they seem to be born ready to always hit the road if chance avails itself while others go through a series of muse before giving into the idea of traveling. I personally wish humans could fly, well it all owes to the fact that I’ve lost loved ones on the road. God rest their souls.

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In this article, I shall give you guys tips on measures to take before traveling with your kids.

First of all, know that those are not just kids, they are much more valuable than a house full with gold. They are what keeps the world going, they brighten our day, they give us peace. Now you wouldn’t want to play something as priceless as kids, would you?


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Now, first thing you need to do is prepare yourself for what is ahead. How far will your journey take? Are you using a private or a public means of transportation? Now, if your journey will be a long one, you would want to know that children are not like you. They do not hide their feelings. When they are hungry, they do not dilly-dally they’ll cry or do any other thing to let you know immediately. When they need to use the private, there is no stopping them except if you want them to poo in their pants. Now that’s not cool

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Before traveling with kids, after all this facts are established, you need to know the amount of food, extra clothes, napkins and towels to take along. If you are traveling by road, the driver has to stop whenever the kids are pressed or he will have some serious washing to do the next morning, but if it’s a plane, well that’s better as there is a provision for a john already.

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Secondly, you will need to be sure of accommodation before you start your journey. Those kids will be tired and sleepy if not sleeping when you reach your destination and you won’t want to add more stress to what they have in their system already. Book a hotel, a friends home or a guest inn. For the sake of your kids!

Kids find phones and cameras really attractive. Give them a camera in the course of your journey. That will keep them busy on the road, they might actually snap the beautiful landscapes, snap you and that gives them joy. You might have strapped the next TY Bello of photography in the children seats. Who knows?
If you do not have a camera or do not want to let them play with your phone, give them a journal and encourage them to write what they see in that travel journal. You will be amazed at what those kids can record.

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Do not forget your first aid box and baby wipes. Those are as important as the petrol in your car tank. Anything might happen and that small box will save you from what might devolve into something as big as the Kilimanjaro.

Kids love adventure, and that is a fact. If you are traveling by plane, your kids may wander off in the airport and locating them might be an issue. So what’s the best thing to do? Write down your number and paste on their shirt just in case. We don’t know what might happen. Yes, I know you might think they will always be with you hand in hand but something might happen and you’ll let them loose for a second and a little twist of the clock, and zoom they are gone looking for autographs to sign and new friends for acquaintance. Thank goodness for mother technology, a child locator has been invented. Children naturally do not appreciate anything that will infringe on their freedom like backpacks or any other thing. Strap the child locator on their wrist, belts, shoes or any other place that will not make them uncomfortable and when they wander off in search of Santa Claus, you can set the alarm using the transmitter with you and you can easily follow the sound and get their before you miss your flight, bus or train.
Last but not the least, know much about the climate of where you are visiting. My mum told me the first time she travelled with me to a different state, I fell sick instantly and she had to cut her journey short, brought me back and the miracle happened. I regained my health in a few days. Children do not have the ability to blend into every weather. If the weather is totally different from what they are used to, it might affect them negatively.
Traveling with kids is fun. The Sight of them will make every soldier in every check point smile. They bring good luck and other goodies in life. You as a parent or guardian need to take great care of them for our sake. Remember they are little, don’t treat them like grown ups. Let them be little because they will only remain like that for a little while. Understand their needs and wants, don’t ask them to live in your world, visit their world instead. Now, whatever happens in the course of your journey, remember what L.R Knost once said “ Yelling silences your message. Speak quietly so your kids hear your words instead of your voice”.

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