Ghanaians Troll President Buhari And Call Him A Joker

Yesterday President buhari  honoured Ghana’s 61st Independence Anniversary, He traveled to Ghana yesterday and gave a speech at the celebration.

While speaking at the anniversary celebration, Buhari praised  Ghana’s President Akufo-Addo and assured he would help Ghana fight corruption.
In his statement :

“I congratulate you on your efforts to fight corruption which has eaten into the public fibre…Your Excellency I can assure you that you have a good partner in me in tackling endemic corruption,” Buhari said.

But Ghanians had told Buhari on twitter to leave Ghana with the Nigerians living there.
According them, Nigerians have corrupted their country.

Other Ghanaians  told Buhari not to bring snakes, and monkeys to swallow Ghana’s money.

Watch the full speech

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