Stop Flaunting Fake Collaborations On Social Media- Eric Many General Manager, Johnson Adumike Sends Message To Runtown

The ongoing war between Nigerian singer, Runtown and his record label, Eric Many is yet to reach it’s end. The label’s general manager, Johnson Adumike has now reacted to a post by Runtown on his Instagram stories hinting of a possible collaboration with Wizkid.

Johnson was contacted by Vanguard Nigeria for clarification on the issue after Runtown posted videos of studio sessions with Wizkid via instagram and he advised Runtown saying, “Runtown, rather than deceiving your fans by teasing them with a collaboration which you do not have the legal right to release, what you should do is to get your lawyers to come up with legal documents to clear your name just like Kiss Daniel when he had a similar issue. This is a way more matured approach than just throwing subliminals on social media’.

Johnson went on to add that, ‘its baseless pretending to the public when you clearly signed the dotted lines and its only right to be reasonable and keep your end of the deal  and I Johnson Adumike will make sure that I inform the fans and followers of all proceedings and deliberations in court,so all interested parties can know current situation between Eric Many And Runtown at all times’.

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