Jos-Gist – Legendary Mixer Calls Elinala LMP’s Official First Lady So It’s Safe To Say All This While DJ Nurella Was Like A Side Chick In LMP

The trend king is back again with the most intriguing gist of jos entertainment industry. Alot has happened, alot is happening and much more will happen but to you loyal of our gossips, never deviate cos we have much more mouth watering gist to spice up your boring day in the hot city of Jos
So before the next happening pass us by,  this is a post we came across from the most hard working music producer/Video director I’m Jos “Legendary Mixer”. In the late ours of Tuesday he made the kind of posts that brings him online [A new song or Video to be published]

But his statement got our correspondent thinking deep “how is Elinala LMP’s first lady when Nurella has been there for a long time”?🤔
If you recall sometimes back Nurella had a little misunderstanding online for a nomination in the same category with Yukelle who just came on board stating it’s disrespectful.

Now which is more disrespectful? Being in the same category with a new artist or not given your right position by same person who birthed your pride?

I am Tain The RapHypeMan

This is Jos-Gist!

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