Jos-Gist – Legendary Mixer Finally Speaks on the LMP talks involving Nurella and Elinala And Revealed What It Takes To Work With Him

A little chat with our correspondent let the cat out of the bag.

Tain : After noon sir
This is Tain from

Mixer : Ok nice

Tain : Yessir

Mixer : What’s popping

Tain : Everything is great,
How has the hustle been?

mixer : We bless God For Everything.

Tain : So we came across a post on facebook which u called Elinala LMP’s official first lady and we’re worried about that statement so we thought it wise to hear from you.

All this while we thought Nurella was the First Lady In LMP but you called another an official first Lady
So where does Nurella Stands?
We’ll like u to elaborate on that before ask few questions

Mixer: 🤣
Ok, of all I have to 3 different brands I operate.
1. Legendary Mixer Xppression
2. Legendary Mixer Pictures
3. Uba Sounds

Mixer : NURELLA is the only artiste under LMX (legendarymixerxpression) & ELINALA is one amongst the plenty artiste in LMP (legendarymixerpictures)  to have an official working undertaken.

Mixer: Legendary Mixer Xpression is a group of company managed by four individuals with me inclusive, while LegendaryMixerPictures is my private video company which ELINALA falls under.

Tain: Lol
Thanx for the clarification LegendaryMixerPictures is completely different from Legendary Mixer Xpression
S/O to Nurella

Mixer: you welcome

Tain: So what does it takes be an artist under LMP, LMX or Uba Sounds?
And all that is to be known about Elinala’s new video

Mixer: Interest & commitment
Mixer: If a serious artiste is interested, that’s all. And Elinala’s first Video drops on Friday
I had some magic touch on this, wait for it.

Tain: Thank you


I am Tain The RapHype-Man

This is Jos-Gist

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