Jos-Gist – Why We Love Timzy Mani [by #SomePrettyGirl]

As long as Jos entertainment industry is concerned, Nothing we no go see oooooo
Now we got this mail on Monday the 26th of March 2018 from
We don’t know who or where it’s coming from but from the content, we believe this person or people got something to offer so we decided to give in to their request of talking about the art, fashion style and life style of Jos entertainers every Friday.
We hope you enjoy the new development.

#SomePrettyGirl : Hello J-town read me close, I’m just some pretty girl with excess love for talent, fashion style and life style in it’s entirety in the city of talents[Jos]

In our today’s edition of WHY WE LOVE, we picked Timzy Mani because basically he’s the sh**!! In Jay right now, we don’t even need to be explaining ourselves any how! We’re not stalkers but we be watching everyone of you so every Friday, we’ll be talking about why we love our super talented and relatively super fine fine jos artists and many more entertainers.
1. from the gist we’ve been hearing and shows we’ve seen him perform, we gathered that timzy mani is a cool and easy going guy. He’s easy to talk to, maybe probably even good with the ladies too na, lol.. you know what it is. Abeg timzy don’t be a player o!!! Lol some of be tripping for you because the way you have smooth mouth😉 and don’t even get us started with those dazzling eyes . One of the reasons why we love you, You have the vibe of time!!!


2. His fashion style is what we can call versatile, he doesn’t have a particular dressing pattern ( I’m a very bad #someprettygirl correspondent) but according to wetin I don see for Instagram, lol, I like what I see to an extent, but it’s still you know, set.

The way you tie the hair with the vandana is just a killer and we are loving the jacket you uploaded on instagram, it’s fresh enh, give us recommendations for the jacket na, or just dash me, lol, fan souvenir!!
3. HIS MUSIC!!!! Mad something I tell you. His latest hit song, Adeleke, if you haven’t heard the jam, please try to. He killed this jam. Our next davido, OWO!!!Thespian, he vibes well on stage sha but he acts like he’s trying to woe a lady, lol, be the Davido on stage ! We love you timzy, #someprettygirl is a huge fan

This is our first edition of why we love, we hope to Love and say many things about Jos entertainers art, fashion choice and lifestyle.
Don’t forget we’re watching y’all, we have eyes everywhere. We love you and we hope that you keep to the standard #someprettygirl will find enticing and say much about.
You might be next, see you next two Fridays!!!

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