Amazing!! See What a Jos Guy Has To Say About The Power Of Twitter..

U may have for a while under rated d power , opportunity and influence that twitter offers but surprising, it’s impact is jaw breaking. This is what a zealous Jos guy Kingston Eze has to say.

His post reads:  I’ve been suppressing the urge to write this post for a while now,am not trying to create sentiments or comparisons between other social media platforms it’s just that I’m saturated by it and I have come to a conclusion that twitter has strong power interms of trends,up to date info,instant information dissemination,creating effective awareness,bringing you very close to people (celebrities and top notch activists). It’s not the tweets themselves, but the incessant whining noise made up of every second and it has helped the massive growth of brands,songs,events,companies etc.
So, why am I still writing this post? I’m writing it because I’ve experienced something with Twitter that I don’t hear many people talking about.The real power of Twitter isn’t in easy mass-marketing, driving a few more links or driving a market/brand name.
The real power of Twitter is in transforming online connections into real-world relationships. For me, Twitter has become the most powerful tool at my disposal to bridge the professional/personal gap and drive offline relationships.
I have experienced this and I wish to share
1. Twitter is not only a great place for keeping tabs on your local scene, but it’s also great for letting you know when people are in your neighborhood…Few months ago Dremo came to jos,made a post on twitter and the GPS was showing Jos,i replied immediately and he responded tho it was late for us to link up because he was on transit (that’s by the way)

2.Everyone seems a little bit more human on Twitter, and this has a way of leveling the playing field between the “A-List” and the rest of us. Tag any of “A-List” on a meaningful tweet and you’ll get an instant reply,with that DMs can be open to slide

3.With time and patience, these online-offline relationships become cyclical. Once you meet someone in person, you return to Twitter knowing them a bit better – they’re more likely to reply, retweet, and generally engage with you. This can be a powerful cycle.

4. Twitter Hashtags tends to give more rapid recognition and massive approach to large audience

5. Once you have a large and responsive twitter engagements, you get paid for hypes,trends and promotions etc
And that’s cool money for doing what you like with less stress

Finally I want to appreciate our very own Jos Social Media Influencers,names I won’t say but they know themselves ….Good job guys

Well my aim of writing this is to urge us all in Jos
To join twitter and disturb too
Because I believe if 100 twitter users can make at least 10 tweets a day,Jos will definitely be trending and it will get us back on the map our jos artistes will be known,jos brands,events,happenings,rumours,etc
Please let us create a strong twitter community and make a big difference
We Don’t Need Jos Facebook Branch
We Need Jos Twitter Branch
Kingston Eze

With a Jtown twitter community, our vibes will b felt across the globe and a pride of place in entertainment. See u in Jtown twitter community , let’s make Jtown bigger.




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