JosGist – She Is Just An Ambitious Pretty Young Lady, Happy Birthday Ene Stephanie Iwobi.


In a generation where a pretty young lady always posting dazzling pictures on social media with hundreds or thousands of likes and followers is considered to be a model or lured into becoming or doing things she never dreamt of, ladies like Ene Stephanie Iwobi proved this phenomenon otherwise.
Coming across such personality on social media for a first time, you can’t help but have the general perspective until you look closer.
pretty young lady I gotta feed my eyes with her profile pictures and other uploads” woa! And I am blown by the profile reading :

A Farmer, writer, aspiring diplomat, mixture of class and sassy, QUEEN 👑  with a little bit of savage.

“with a little bit of savage”

Sometimes back she posted a photos of her rice farm ready for harvest .






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But according to our correspondent, Ene Stephanie Iwobi has a long term goal of storming the world of Fashion

A patriotic Nigerian, she is one of the good political activists we’ve been following online
She speaks the raw truth in whatever situation
Nigeria will be a better place if more of our ladies are like Ene Stephanie Iwobi
Live long to influence more lives and live that dream live you’ve pictured in Jesus name
Happy birthday from the entire team #jostotheworld