The Dean Student Affairs ABU Zaria Has Been Oppressing Female Postgraduate Students, He Calls Female Undergraduates His Babies For Not Being As Tough As The Postgraduates.

There has been a gross abuse of power by the Dean student affairs of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State. The Dean students affair know as Professor Bambali has been reported to conducting various acts of abuse of rights of the female postgraduate students in Amina Hall of Residence (Block 9). He has been reported of creating a division between the undergraduate female student and the postgraduate female students by instigating the undergraduates to verbally insult and openly abuse the female postgraduate students.

He was even alleged of telling the undergraduate to beat up postgraduate students. Just on Friday the 4th of May 2018, the Dean students affairs had two female postgraduate student taken to the security office for speaking up for their rights. He has since then ordered the postgraduate female students to be locked in their hostel from 9 pm without any emergency entry or exit for the poor students.

Student had to scale through the fence of the hostel to get inside since they were locked out.

Students were scaling the fence to go in and out of Block 9 Amina Hall yesterday.  This picture was taken last night.

The securities on their part are under the influence of the Dean student affairs as the blatantly told the female postgraduate student that were locked out of their hostel that the keys to all the gates leading to the block of their residence are with the Dean student affairs.

The issue with the dean had been on for quite sometimes now, his basic reasons for his action being that he has heard that the female postgraduate students in Samaru are tough to deal with so he also would make sure he deals with them; also that the postgraduate female students do not appreciate him like the undergraduate female students do which is why he calls the undergraduate female students his babies and the postgraduate female students his enemies. several reports had been made even to the Dean postgraduate school yet nothing has been done to curtail the excesses of the Dean student affairs. the female postgraduate students are living in constants fear as no form of security is guaranteed for them and the management of the school tend to turn a blind eye to their plight. so far the female postgraduate student are living in fear every night because he locks all the gates to the block of postgraduate residence with no security or emergency exit. He orders the security to lock the gate around 9 pm or 10 and it won’t be opened again till morning

The female postgraduates were given the last block in the hostel Block 9, This door way  connects the pg and the ug hostel. The  door was locked last night it was just opened this morning. According to the security officials, the order was giving by the cso to always lock it in the evening around 9 pm.

Lots of female students were locked out last night, those that wanted to go out to class couldn’t do so.

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