JosHype-Man Gist – JOS INDUSTRY – FAKE PUBLICITY STUNT [Hengz Vs Sixxty]

LAGOS BASED JOS ARTIST “HENGZ” currently signed by HOMMIES MUSIC recently called out POP ENTERTAINMENT’s Queen “DIVA SYXXTY” on his facebook wall on the 14th of May..
According to his post..the rapper got snubbed & blocked on socials by Syxxty 2 years ago and now she’s trynna famz! But itz all cool he said.. Read post below 👇

“Cold world😂😡fam,cuz i remember exactly this time last year wen SYXXTY blocked me on whatsapp.
Just sayin yo,cuz im not the type to be against the progress of our movement or brands, let all these hating on me miss me wid this bullshit (facts),cuz this convo isn’t the best for now (lol). but surely mans gat be real💪
Greatness is greatness and let God take all the glory🙏❤

After carefully carrying out my homework I’ve concluded that this is a schemed work by both parties to to publicise their works by pulling such stunts….
*SYXXTY dropped her new single #ECHO on the 14th of may too.
*HENGZ is coming with he’s much anticipated single #RAMBO dropping soon
*HENGZ was blocked 2years ago..but felt it was relevant to tell us when SYXXTY dropped her new single?
*SYXXTY is yet to reply HENGZ..making it look like the nigga is still blocked(lol).. but he sed she’s tryna famz …..could she be cooking a clapback??
*Yo!! Hengz wah led to her blocking you? Wer u tryna famz too?? 😂
*One starts cooking stunts like this when he/she no longer beliefs in his/her works… or maybe both artist sensed they probably getting WHACK & FADING by the day?? Wah do I knw?
*Yo! Hengz if she had refused to jump on a track with u then cos she thinks ure whack or something..Yhu wud’ve been making sense… but she BLOCKED you on WHATSAPP.. like we don’t care what led to that and we don’t wanna know… Have u heard that whatever happens in LASGIDI remains in LASGIDI? don’t be a bitch for the hype … don’t KISS & TELL..

*PUBLICITY STUNTS kills you as artiste/marketer/promoter or whatever you take yourself to be. It shakes the believe,loyalty,support & bond your FANS have for you…That means your fanbase will decrease…less people to reachout to, less people to patronize you, that means ure out of business, that means ure broke, that means you’ll find it hard to manage your talent, that means your career is GONE

*PUBLICITY STUNTS might not seem bad BUT I’m 101% frowning @ it..some are uncalled for…just don’t get bursted

My name is JOS_HYPEMAN and I am ur favourite INDUSTRY POLICE


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