The Presidency Speaks On Plateau Killings, But Do We Need Those Hypocritical Words? Come To Action And Save Nigerians Suffering Herdsmen Attack In The Various States.

Following the incessant killings of innocent Nigerians by the so called “unknown gunmen” better still “Herdsmen” the president of the country Muhammadu Buhari has said the norm we hear when it comes to killings in any state in the country.

In a tweet yesterday he said

“The grievious lost of lives and property arising from the killings in plateau today is painful and regrettable. My deepest condolence to the affected communities. We will not rest until all murderers and criminal elements and their sponsors are incapacitated and brought to justice”

But do we need words at the moment?

Never in Nigeria have we ever heard of an arrest of these unknown gunmen or herdsmen rather an arrest of Nigerian youths killing the Herdsmen.

According to a statistic yesterday the herdsmen attack isn’t just in plateau state the past few days, it is said that

21 killed in Adamawa yesterday 

36 killed I’m zamfara last week

130 in plateau state

And the killings is like an everyday theater of blood in Benue state. 

What is Nigerian turning into? Do we call this a political or religious move?

which ever it is, the country is suffering and Nigerians are calling on the federal government to take action and stop the incessant killings.


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