Just A Day Before His Presidential Declaration, Federal Government Reversed The Approval They Gave Sen Rabiu Kwankwaso To Use Eagle Square For The Event.

More than a week before now, Senator, Rabiu Kwankwaso was to use the Eagle Square and the Abuja International Conference for his presidential declaration slated for today August 29th.

It came as a surprise as the campaign team of the former state governor went on the 28th of August to inspect the Eagle Square and a Police permit was requested from them when the venue was already soughted and paid for more than a week ago


According to a statement by the Kwankwaso Campaign Organisation, the senator’s request was rejected in a letter signed by Usman Mukhtar Raji for the facility manager of Integrated Facility Management Services Ltd, which manages both the Abuja International Conference and Eagle Square.


The campaign organization sees the reason given for the rejection of the request to be flimsy and an atempt by the government in power to distabilize Kwankwaso’s presidential aspiration.

The statement reads

 “Kwankwaso Declaration: FG Turns Down Request to Use Eagle Square Just 24 hours to the highly publicized presidential declaration of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso due to hold at the Eagle Square on Wednesday, the 29th August, 2018, the Federal Capital Territory Administration(FCTA) has turned down the request earlier approved for some flimsy reasons.

“In a letter dated August 27th, 2018 and signed by Usman Mukhtar Raji for the Facility Manager and received on August 28th, 2018 barely 24 hours to the scheduled declaration, the Abuja International Conference and Eagle Square, managed by the Integrated Facility Management Services Ltd has reversed itself in respect of approval granted the organizers of the declaration of Senator Kwankwaso.

“We at the Kwankwaso Campaign Organisation sees the development as a handiwork of the government in power who will not see anything good in growing our fledgling democracy as no level playing field has been created to allow for viable opposition in the country.

“Even at that, earlier Tuesday morning the Abuja International Conference and Eagle Square, managed by the Integrated Facility Management Services Ltd refused us access to inspect the premises demanding us to present a police permit, when actual approval for the use of the Eagle Square has been sought and paid for more than one week to the said declaration.

“The above development will in no way dampen our morale to go ahead with the declaration or chicken-out as it will only embolden us to legally pursue our fundamental right to freedom of movement and association.”


However, The former Kano governor is still scheduled to declare his ambition to contest the presidency Today.

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