J2TW Exclusive: One Year Of hypeMan NudesMan: Will There Be A Return For The Remaining 48 Girls?

Battery… 100%
NEPA… full current
Power Bank… standby
Generator… standby.
If you know, you know.

Remember when 8.30/8.00 was the most important time in Jos during the hype man reign? Well we are celebrating one year of the legend HypeMan or Desmond Man 😂 and we all remember the hype man starter pack in which we all needed to have our phones charged and waiting for 48 other girls nudes, despite being against sending nudes or hype man exposing nudes we all waited and anticipated 48 other nudes pictures and the legend probably broke a lot of heart by disappearing into the clear air. many different account was set up including Hype woman which made people excited that the legend returned, well not to worry hype man reign brought a lot of development into our facebook community for instance many secrets have been unveil ‘there’s nothing hidden under the jos facebook community “, a lot of friendship were broken, relationships created, popularity, familiarity, motivational speakers were given birth to, overrated facebook comedians and so on. While this developments happened many people had fun while others didn’t, many were left with guilt and many others left with excitement. While this happened all on facebook, facebook became an interesting social media website for most people to be in as some people have gone totally silent, reduced their participation on the platform while some have increased their participation. We have probably seen more fights and beef on facebook than friendship or interaction. Can we say Hype man brought about the Jos facebook community or branch? Let’s highlight some of the Developments which have occurred :

Screenshot is now a way of life for everyone in jos As ` when truth fails, Screenshot works ” weapons are dangerous, words and images are powerful and so is Screenshots, so there are always two sides to a story and then there are screenshot. Funny right? Most people’s gallery is filled up with screenshots rather than their pictures, screen shot are taking for future references in any case on facebook, probably a post may get deleted but meanwhile let’s sip our drink because we already have a screenshot for future purpose.

During the past one year the familiarity between everyone changed Especially with the ladies on facebook, you can’t mess around with two different girls without being caught.. A magic or what? This is how things work now, the bestie bond have become stronger even with our imaginary friends on facebook, most girls even go as far as supporting each other on every issue even without understanding the case but just to become familiar, well not to forget that most of them claim to be “Feminists ” Most people are on the blink to see New relationships which have started between two people and predict when it will break or who the side chick or nigga Is.. So some of Us always wait to see our new in-laws on facebook.

Overrated popularity on facebook: Ever heard of the phrase ` being popular on facebook is like sitting at the cool table in a cafeteria at a mental hospital? If ever facebook shuts down in Jos, I think we will see people roaming the streets showing pictures in other people faces screaming ` do you like this? Popularity on Jos facebook has become overrated as people are happier when they are validated through likes and comments and the number of times they are mentioned on other people’s post, we have forgotten that popularity can be monetize but have anyone monetize his or her popularity on facebook? Let’s not forget to mention our popular overrated facebook comedians who would repeatedly use One Joke among each other Until a new joke is created by One of them for another circulation, some have also forgotten what to use as a joke and what not to joke about.

While all these were going on facebook, Accounts which was going to succeed hype man without sharing nudes were created, Accounts such as Jtown cast man, JTown fashioncop, Jtown Goons and so forth all of these which caused a lot of controversies that made Facebook an interesting platform, from the criticism of individuals fashion sense to publicly calling other individuals out for messing around .

1 in 3 people still share nudes among each other because who really cares now? Have the lives of those whose nudes were leaked changed? Share your view with Us as we walk down the Memory Lane or is there still hope for 48 other nudes to be shared? Well anything can happen.

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