Jos-HypeMan Gist – MilliCrownz Vs King Excel, Who Is Who

King Excel reacts to his diss by MILLICROWNZ (EXCEL I’M NOT IMPRESSED)

Yesterday  the 13th of December 3pm soldierz front act MilliCrownz dished a 2min+ diss[Download here] to EXCEL while the likes of Wizace still rant on facebook.
Millicrownz made it clear that he’s ready for whatever may come and tells Excel that he has just a week to reply or he’s a loser.
Definitely we should  expect a hard comeback from the BAD BLACK ONE cos he had promised to KILL(LYRICALLY) Millicrownz as soon as he listens to his ‘pose diss track.

King Excel has taken to his social media to post what seems to be his first reaction to milli’s diss 👇

– King Excel uploaded on his whatsapp status a video of a fan vibing to his latest release with the caption “JOS BOY WITH THE CHINA MOVES”

Picture 1**

Excel might be claiming to be international.. well what do we know?

– Picture *2*

is a screenshot of Milli’s cover art… excel uploaded it with the caption “BEEF SEASON”
King Excel has made it clear he’s going head to head with millicrownz..
Ladies & Gents can we pls enjoy being spectators? 😊

– King Excel claims he has no idea who Millicrownz is?

picture *3*

Well both rappers will get to know each other (lol)..

– King Excel claims millicrownz dissed him to gain cheap popularity..

Yes or No? It’s a fact that both rappers are getting or will get all the fame they want now!

– King Excel says he’s not broke (millicrownz calls excel a funny, whack & broke ass rapper)

picture *5*

seems Excel got underground moves going on as singer Robby can testify to that probably..

Yo folks it is our earnest desire that Excel proves to his fans & all, that he’s truly a King



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