Jos-Gist:- 5 things you don’t know about Lumidy

Joshua Turna Lumi [Lumidy]

So, you think you know Lumidy Turna? Perhaps you follow his blog, his gossip, and the oft-trending Lumidy TV panels where his media personalities discuss topical issues, from domestic violence to Bobrisky. Well, we have compiled 5 facts many fans do not know about him…

The top blogger changed the face of blogging in j-town, Recently, He announced that he is set to launch his own TV station which reportedly will be streaming on DSTV. While we wait for the much-anticipated take-over,

see some of the exciting things about him which he rarely talks about on his blog:

1. He is the youngest and finest blogger in Nigeria

Even though blogging has been around for some time now, only recently did Nigerians start to take it seriously. Presently, the rate at which Nigerians are creating blogs is on the increase. This is due to the widespread notion that blogging is a lucrative online business that could be a real money-spinner. And in our research and exclusive interviews we got to found out that Joshua Turna Lumi [Lumidysblog] is the youngest with the age of 17 as of 14th December 2018 and also with no dough the finest of all bloggers.

2. He is the most influential blogger in Plateau State

Joshua Turna Lumi “Lumidy” is the founder and author of Like Linda Ikeji, his blogs majorly on entertainment and celebrity gist. He also talks about fashion and the latest gist in the Nigerian movie industry. Lumidy’s blogging success can be attributed to his accuracy and writing style as well as his blog’s visual display quality. One factor that has helped the blog grow in popularity in recent times is its partnership with top musicians and music producers. Nigerians love music and anything related to music His blog attracts millions of page views monthly.

3. He is the richest blogger in Plateau State

Some of the people who stand behind the top blogs in Nigeria manage to grow to a new level, reach fame and become wealthy. They all start by simply blogging, sharing their thoughts, reviews, posting curious photos online and discussing what interests them and their readers. And some of these people get lucky to be noticed, and this is how they slowly build their reputation, name, brand and finally become one of the richest bloggers.

Entertainment bloggers are extremely popular in Nigeria. While this niche has many successful websites already, you might also think about joining it. Lumidy is already a part of it, and his blog is loved by many citizens of our country who like to read about literature and music. As noted by, Noble’s net worth is getting close to $ 200,000 U.S. dollars.

4. Lumidy is also a film maker & Actor

5. Lumidy is still a student at University of Jos, department of Theatre and Film Arts

Lumidy’s educational background of the famous booger is quite complicated because at some time during an interview with JosToTheWorld TV, he said he was still a student but studying Religion and philosophy in University of Jos, but according to Wikipedia [notable bloggers in Plateau state] he said he is studying theatre and Film Arts…

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