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Even Though I Was Raped And Maltreated By The Kidnappers, My Car Key Saved My Life

Young lady in Jos, plateau stated who demanded her identity remain undisclosed narrated how her car key connected to a mini tracking device saved her from kidnappers demanding millions of naira as ransom

So clumsy ” my mom said, as I kept looking for my car keys after visiting her. She kept on saying I was too pampered by my dad, complaining about how it has affected my life that I don’t keep my things in order. I just kept rolling my eyes while looking for it. This wasn’t the first time she complained. I had to get a key holder that had a tracker after my last visit to her place, so I could easily find my keys and not be disturbed by her again.

But today, my phone was missing along side the keys and the app for the tracker is in my phone, so it was double wahala from her this time around. “Found it” said my cousin, and I felt so relieved I had to breathe out, “Thank you I owe you one, don’t worry, next time I’m coming over I will get you anything you want just text me okay?” As I walked out saying my good byes to my mom, I couldn’t wait to get home so I could sleep all night but first I had to make a stop at the new eatery I saw the other day on my way from my sister’s house.

As I drove, I wondered if the place might still be open at this time since it was dark already and just few places seemed to be open, then i noticed the car in front of me stopped and I had to slow down too.

Some men dressed in military clothes came over to the car in front and dragged out the driver from his car. They started walking towards me I became frightened and started looking for my phone but it fell off my hand and I tried bending over to pick it up but it was too late cause they were over me hitting my door and screaming “Open this door”. Open am o I go kill you” I tried opening the door using my car keys because of how confused I was, then I realised that wasn’t the car lock system so I just removed the keys and slipped it into my pocket and opened the door. I was dragged out, pushed and my face was covered.

All I could think about was how my life has come to an end and I kept on crying, begging them to let me go then I realised I wasn’t alone.

We drove for a long time but I didn’t feel it all I kept asking myself was “Why me? What did I do wrong? God please come to my rescue” and I tried comforting myself that it was going to be alright.
I lost track of time but I knew it was slow nothing seemed to change, no one came through the door and I was losing hope someone will come to my rescue.

I could only hear whispers by the other side of the door, wondering what they were arguing about I went closer with my ear to the door so I could hear their conversations. “I tell am no wen him ask say make we reduce the money” the guy with a deep voice said. “If they call again, say we no dey collect anything less than 10 million or we go kill am” this time it was a different voice, sounded older. I was in shock that I couldn’t control the way I cried out loud then some one came through the door and got a hold of me I couldn’t move but I tried kicking him but he was so strong he started laughing and I recognised his voice, the deep one, “you this girl you fine o, e be like say I go taste you small how you see am?” “No, no please let go of me” I said still struggling but his grip kept on becoming tighter and the unimaginable thing happened. It was fast and blurry and I kept on crying silently as he did what he wanted with my body.

Different imaginations flashed through my mind. He laughed when he was done. That image stuck in my brain, I felt it was over as my eye closed up. I could hear the voices but couldn’t move or wake, it was like I was trapped in my body looking for a way out, but still, I had this feeling I was safe. “The doctor said she will wakeup any time soon” that’s my mom’s voice, she was having a conversation with someone and I tried calling her name but I wasn’t loud enough and I tried harder and she came closer this time my eyes were open but heavy it felt like I had stones on it. I felt different, weak and helpless but it felt good cause this time my mom was here with me. Minutes later, my dad and siblings came in and my sister narrated how they were able to track me through the app I shared with her in case I misplaced my keys when I’m around her, then I remembered my key holder had a tracker and it saved my life. Even though I was raped I still had a life to hold onto and the people involved are in jail. But that tracker, with the help of God, saved my life.


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