There Is No Cultural Presence In “Jos Carnival 2019″[Lawuna Yilwatda]

Plateau state is made up of many ethnic groups who do things differently and creatively to show the value of their own various culture.
But to my greatest dissatisfaction there is no cultural presence of the Plateau people during the carnival, when we have amazing cultural troops who have gone international being Local.
We have local musicians who perform in global dimension.
Today we are can’t brag about having our event to promote our own culture

What should be of Jos carnival is the ability of the platform to propagate the true Plateau cultural heritage and make sure every ethnic group is represented.

But the above can not be done when non indigenes of the state are at the hem of affairs, people that are ignorant of the people of Plateau beyond the capital city and can’t list up to 5 tribes on the Plateau.
There are capable hands who can organize a better carnival that will reflect the various cultures of the Plateau people.

I personally think the planning was poor and unjust mounting to various sagas, and some unforeseen tragedy that injured quite a number, I am not saying the carnival officials are responsible for the accidents, but there might be a leak somewhere in the planning or certain things are over looked.

I personally feel we should be creative with our carnival, we just copy and paste what ever they do in calabar or Brazil. People! this is Plateau and everything about our carnival should be the reflection of our culture.
We need to see masquerades in the parade, and more of our culture, food is vendors at the carnival must sell plateau food, by that our culture will be promoted.

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