I Am A THUG [Fisher Tokz]

Last year, Nigerian Rapper/Singer Fisher Tokz released an EP titled THUG

Fisher has more light on the EP to be out for downloads in May 2019.

“THUG means True Heroes Under God,

It defines how we allow God to fight our battles and at the end of the fight we get to win in his own way, in his own tactics, in his own rules and style, because even if we loose in these battles physically(E.g Heartbreaks, Disappointment, Death, Fulani headsmen attack and boko harram etc) we wouldn’t have any problems because we know that we are wining in truth, we are winning in God which is the best win one can ever have.

But as long as we Stay true we would always be heroes no matter how strong the opposition may be and no matter how the winning situation may be, as long as we are under God then we are heroes.

Now this message was put together into 7 good songs
listen through this  [Link]
which was released last year as an EP, and now the same message in a higher form is going to be out in four songs as an EP 2, set to drop May 2019.

So I would appreciate if you keep your fingers crossed and follow up so that you can catch up the music release.

Thank you.


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