JosGist – Everything You Need To Know About Craig B/ GTabzy Online feud

It all started when BED Music’s Manager/rapper Craig B made a facebook post calling himself the only Indigenous rapper in Jos plateau state, expressing his disappointment in his fellow artists using foreign languages to express their arts in the name of marketability.

Craig B wrote

” Shame on my JOS PLATEAU artiste who fake music, acting YORUBA as a true means of identity in the industry, in all ramifications & spheres simply because the market is LAGOS based, a big shame & a slap for my people who tend not to be appreciative to the local art, if you’re reading my post now as a fake plateau rapper/Singer, shame on you, your life is fake, you’re fake & you’ve lost bearing. 2FACE IDIBIA happened to be among the earliest people to sing in the whole axis of Africa & globally using the IDOMA dialect with no limitations & he remains evergreen, so who da hell do you think you’re that cannot break that your so called poverty thinking in making PLATEAU a better market to the world. HAVE A RE-THINK, SHAME ON YOU…………

Not up to 24 hours, GTabzy responded in a post challenging Craig B for calling himself the only indigenous rapper

Gtabzy wrote

“I don’t mean to say this but I think am pushed,can’t hold it any longer.I have sensed this long before now.At first, you were trying to copy my kind of music.I kept quiet because I knew you can’t.Now you are seeking for my attention by calling yourself the only Legitimate Indigenous Rapper on the plateau.Be warned Craig-b GumweshCraig-b GumweshCraig-b Gumwesh I have paid my dues to be the only recognized indigenous rapper on the plateau. The last time I checked,you can’t even stand a challenge from any of my boys.I’ll advice,Next time don’t claim what you’re not. Face your struggles and stop ranting”.

His post birthed the feud between the two acts, without waste of time, Craig B responded again

he wrote

Ignorance is a sickness for lil kids like you, fools may have the greatest repository of knowledge but will never attend wisdom, I never wanted replying ur post, but due to the mediocrity abnormalities in you, am left wit no option, as my bro YCEE will say you’re TINNY, i just have to educate lil kids like you. Initially, it all started when you requested for a prompt join COLLABO wit me, i then referred you to my management (BEDMusicAfrica) in which u called ElMore Hodus & explained things to him in which he gave you the terms & conditions applied, which was latter agreed, i even posted it on my FB handle to boost the anticipation. Then yesterday i made a post which was not even meant for a miserable nincompoop like you, it was based on my own personal ideology & perception to the “JOS MUSIC INDUSTRY” on how we can build the LAGOS of our own in JOS for general opinion, consumption & adjustment to whom is concern. But bcoz you’re uncivilized illiterate G’Tapzy LyricalGotitar, choosed to take it personal, & you even have the audacity & the impetus of reacting to the post foolishly. Look, my DUES were paid long before now! way back when you’re still battling with your primary illiteracy, so what are you talking about? WHO IS COPYING WHO? Always go on research before opening that your smelling thing called mouth to talk. Though I don’t blame you, you’re still a small boy growing up in illiteracy & ignorance, since datz wat u up to, Lemme educate you small & tell you straight into your blind eyes, no two ways about it “I STILL REMAIN THE LEGITIMATE INDIGENOUS RAPPER IN JOS” Deal with it, grow up & Fuck your feelings.


Ok, shit just got real as GTabzy wouldn’t slow down, he fired back

GTabzy wrote

I said it,now i know why you came requesting for the colabo.You earlier made a post on Facebook claiming that the masses were requesting to have us on a song which I know many facebookers are witnesses to that.In oder to retain my humility I chose not to disagree with the idea though I redirected you to my management.Now you came to the social media accompanied by your pride claiming that I first requested for a colabo? Come on Craig-b GumweshCraig-b GumweshCraig-b Gumwesh. Old age is not madness,You’re about 25yrs older than G-Tapzy now so you should be more concerned about having a family, getting a better job for your self not busy dragging the mic with your younger ones.Am not the reason for the delay in your career.Your Record Label is even tired of you. Why don’t you ask yourself why EL-MORE appointed you to be the manager of the label? It’s simply because you can not produce a hit,you can only handle the managerial aspects while the young talented artists make the hits.why is it that the boy you referred to as a kid is becoming a big threat to your career? Thank God I refused to colabo with you,I could have given back life to your dead career..Sorry Old man,you are challenging the wrong kid”


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