JosGist – The CEO, BED Music Elmore Hodus Has Reacted To The Craig B/GTapzy online Feud

In the early hours of today, BED Music CEO/Tiny entertainment producer reacted to the online beef between BED Music’s manager and Gtapzy.

In a facebook post, he wrote

“I actually wanted to remain silent about this beef thing going on between Craig-b Gumwesh and G’Tapzy LyricalGotitar but it have gotten out of hand…
G tapzy is like a kid brother to me, aside being his producer.
Craig b is my company manager (BEDmusicAfrica) and a brother too, which makes both of them family to me. I see no reason for all the fight.
If Craig b says he is the best, that shouldn’t cause a fight na. Why didn’t dano milk beef peak milk for saying peak is the milk at its peak? I taught it was all a joke cause i know u guys are friends n u guys wanted to work together?
Well I’m so disappointed at g tapzy cause i see no reason for sending boys to Craig b at night, thank God i sent him to take care of some recording sessions some of the BED artist were doing all night.
Well we involved the police and they did their investigations and found out it was him. I’m making this post openly so it won’t be that i didn’t say anything, my lawyer is involved already. If any of such should happen again, then we will know how it will be. Asmour worldwide put g tapzy to order, i won’t take anything light with any one who wants to have anything bad with any of my staff or artist. First and last warning!!! Peter Asmour Arin pls fix this, we have gone a long way together don’t let little things spoil it baba, still have big respect for u. This must stop!!!
God bless us all
God bless Asmour worldwide
God bless j town
God bless BEDmusicAfrica”

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