Song Lyrics – Drexmiller : God Over Everything[X-mas Freestyle] || Prod by Padre

My Name is Drexmiller,
And I think this is a beak Christmas freestyle, got Padre on this one
You free to take it personal,
It’s something just I gotta say;
Merry Christmas!!

I could have played wise when I was needed to be strong
Or probably act good impressing humans. Mann it’s wrong..
Now these may not be words you love hearing in em songs.
But I promise this is realer than those you’ve prolly stored!

Mic on can be dangerous aye
Isn’t this obvious hey?
Well if it’s not, let me confess I’m about to break a heart
A rollercoaster I be, don’t leave your trust with me,
Nebuchadnezzar on this – my pride had lowered me!

Aye! I chose to be arrogant,
He chose to be merciful
Tho he brought me to ma lowest it was meaningful aye
He told a sinner come let’s reason, man it’s wonderful aye
Abide in me, my wounds and flowing blood is purposeful aye

So who’s Jesus again?
I hear you say is a myth,
Another said he’s just a being who’s history isn’t clear
Some said there’s no conclusion that is true about him
But hallelujah these are products of a mans reasoning.

Aye! I know too much about him
I’d seen him in ma family,
I have never been misled – when I went on ma knees to pray
I read the signs he sent me,
Record his answers lately
what you say is never far from your thinking limit aye!

And he gave you that brain
You confront him with it
The only wrong he did was making the tree – we killed him on it.
Lord forgive us tho we don’t deserve a single pity
If you desert us like we done to you we’ll hide in figs

funny how we claim to see signs of God isn’t real
We keep thinking we’ve read it all Won’t blame it on davinci
Or on the politics brought in by Constantine
A Non believer is screaming God when trouble hits

I Wasn’t shocked humans forget soon they killed Jesus
And looked for who to run to to get real easing,
God made the world for us we found our “gods” in it
I pray I die ready, Ain’t nothing gon’ steal Ma Peace

Well the pieces of the talk is, every man is ruler,
But we need a true one someone who is not human,
let me call him God, someone thinking that’s a noun?
No he’s not, he’s the maker of the nouns and the acker

Your thinking and your doubts are all permitted in his will,
And he loves me not my sins He hates em, it gets him pissed,
Accept me tho I’m messy and show me where I can dress it
If I ever try to fall back, he hold-up like a traffic

He never came up with religion
Human beings did,
He cherish love not your offerings
Genesis 3
He Accept us tho we dirty and show us where we can clean it
Whenever we try to fall again, he holds up like a traffic

(He never came up with religion, human beings did.
He Cherish love not the offerings, Genesis 3
Yoh accept us tho we dirty and show us where we could clean it. Whenever we try to fall back, He hold up like a traffic)
Save my soul
(Padre the stereo killer)