“My Music Saved Me” [Fisher Tokz]


Dung Abraham Tok also known as Fisher Tokz narrated how his music saved him a couple of months back

So few months ago I was in an emotional crises, and how I fell into that trap? Was in a way I could not prevent because I didn’t see it coming, So it happened I guess on the bases of life lessons lol. I was in a deep ovum and all I could think of was a cold pleasure, how I could get pleasure 🤔 whether good or bad any one because the situation I was in was burning, and the outcome of my search were somethings I would not be proud I did, but then 🤔 that identity of me being
I preach the word through my contents, and what would I be? a preacher that does contrary to his message or what?
Now this hunting that my conscience did on me was a very big deal for me, because I had found the pleasures I was looking for, but for what?? For the main time or what, I knew that letting myself to get caught by my conscience was in my best interest, and I couldn’t do that on my own, and the thought of being a Christian musician existed only in my conscience 😪😪, I forgot that I had songs, I forgot that I had some fellow musicians in the game staying connected because they believed in me, I forgot that I had thousands of people that listen to my music, I forgot that I had hundreds of people that follow up on my events. And that if I should take that path then I would be loosing some people, I would be misleading some and I would be hurting some 😭😭😭
I almost crashed, I almost gave in, I almost got snatched by those pleasures.

But because of the grace from above, I remembered God telling me nothing he does go to waste, and he reminded me of all those moments when he gave me lyrics and sounds by himself and there were some particular ones that he gave me, that literally and practically saved me from those pleasures that almost snatched me

The first Track from My *THUG EP(II)*
*I BELIEVE* (1Peter 5:7) explains how we should let God take our battles because he has been anticipating the battles to come, he has a drafted plan for the battle, and all we got to do is to let him take it, now I wrote that song months before the crises and in turn it saved me.

The Second song is the 3rd Track of the
*THUG EP (II)* titled
*GAME OVER* (John 19:30) and in this song my lyrics were all about how every toxic situation is just a game and as hard as it may seem God would handle it perfectly and it was happening to my predicament at that moment, it was really a game over, and I can boldly say I know that we are not just performers, or just musicians, we are prophets and kingdom representatives we hold more that just the eyes can see, And I came wondering what if I ignored those songs?🤔🤔

God bless you for reading.

My name is
aka FISHER TOKZ and my music saved me

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