It’s Time For A Revolution In Africa’s Hip Hop Scene [Ex GMA House Mate Heavenly Dawap]

Former Gospel Music Africa House Mate “Heavenly Dawap” in an interview with our Correspondent stated the need for the restoration of content in the African Hip Hop scene.

Q – let’s meet you

Ans – I am Heavenly Dawap AKA Yaron Jtown, I am a Christian Hip Hop Artist, A Hip Hop Scholar, Business Man And a farmer.

Q – I’ve known you to be a secular Artist so what happened?

Ans – I had an encounter with God and he opened my eyes to understand my purpose and the reason he created me. Even thou I had it in mind but because of Financial challenges I felt I needed to do what people love so i can get money then switch to Gospel but God made me understood that my voice is powerful and it affects my listeners, He also told me that time is running out.

Q – I know of some circular Artist that still make impact in people’s lives why didn’t you remain as a circular Artist and make positive impact.

Ans – “hahahaha” You either stand for something or fall for anything, God chose me to stand here so he can use me to do what he wants.

I don’t just want to be a Christian Rapper but I want to Follow Christ. OK, Just Imagine Jesus being a Rapper, that’s the realm I want to operate in.

He came for the unsaved not the saved and my music is for the lost and unbelievers.
Morality is in every man no matter how bad you are sometimes it pops out eventually.

Q – What do you think about Christian Hop Hop Artists.

Ans – The African Gospel Hip Hop Scene Is lagging behind, We lack contents and excellence.

I took out time to listen to most of us but I am sorry to say that I don’t really feel the spirit behind the songs, very few are interesting.

Even the Bible says you should play skilfully to God, our God is a God of Excellence Even though  the society doesn’t accepts us and we barely have good platforms, I believe with  Excellence, skills, interesting and spirit filled songs, the society will have no option than to Listen.

I believe Christian Hip Hop has a big gap to fill in a world of problems, dramas and immoralities.

Q – so what you’re saying is that the Christian Hip Hop Artist should be more skillful and interesting and should not just focus on content?

I’ve listened to some of your songs and i must say that you are different and have all it takes to be a focal point to the christian hip hop scene in Africa

Do u have any intention of bringing change to the defects you’ve been noticing?

Ans – Absolutely YES, the christian  hip hop scene in Africa needs revolution and I’m already working towards it

Q – How do you intend going about this?

Ans – You know everything boils down to God, It’s one thing to have the conviction and another thing to work towards it.

I’ve started an event called “Yaron Jtown Festival” In my hood “Gindiri”, I also have a group of like-minded brothers called Good News Army, it consists of Godson Dawap, DrexMiller, Sumdi and Kastomai.

We also indulge in personal relationships, youth empowerments and drugs Abuse sensitization. We have studied the greatest Rappers and believe me we have all it takes, With God on our side the revolution is on already on.

One of my favorite scriptures is 1 Thessalonians 5:24 THE ONE WHO CALLS YOU IS FAITHFUL AND HE WILL DO IT…


Thank you for your time and we wish you the best in your dream pursuit.

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