JosGist : Meet The Casts Of “Gangs Of J-Town” [A Web Series by Christopher Okonkwo]

Gangs of J-town” is a powerful drama by a Jos based film maker Christopher Okonkwo that tells the struggle of a genius as he aims to survive in the world of gangsters. The genius  gets tangled in the world of crime after being pressured into joining a gang. To know more about the web series Click here
This web series is set to feature Jos based actors for the first of its kind web series!

Audition was held and here are the main characters for the web series:

1.Johnpaul Onyenwezi.

Meet Johnpaul Onyenwezi. He plays the role of ‘Flames’ (More details about the character later)
Here is his first interview, click HERE or watch below

2.Eddie Oguns’

Meet ‘Eddie Oguns’ He plays the character of ‘Butcher’ Well with the sound of his name, I say he’s probably a bad guy!
Here’s his first interview; WATCH HERE or watch below
3.Benny Njaka
Meet ‘Benny Njaka‘ She will be playing ‘Rhoda’ Aww ain’t she cute!
Here’s her first interview; WATCH HERE or see below
4.Samuel Madu

Meet ‘Samuel Madu‘ he will be playing ‘Alex’
Here’s his first interview; WATCH HERE or see below

There you have it! The official cast list for “Gangs Of J-town”
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Anticipate! Stay Tuned!
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