Politicians in Nigeria and their policies or more negativity the idea of corruption and dirty tricks, the actual definition of politics in Nigeria seems to have been blurred and almost lost by representation.

Politics in Nigeria is possibly the most hated or misunderstood word in the English dictionary,I have read history books of politics in Nigeria and grew up seeing electorate voting some of the same politicians seeking office for two terms, with some politicians doing their best to see the country succeed while others have little or no significance  contributing in Ruling the government, However times have changed and young people are becoming political inclined, there is a need to balance the political equilibrium between the old and new, intelligent, vibrant young people who are endowed with the zeal of public service, integrity, courage and commitment.

In a Democratic system of government, political awareness is what drives a government, politics in Nigeria have been expropriate and is constantly defined as what those representing The country as their personal Asset feel to define to us the public.

As 2019 is approaching and the ” not to young to rule ” campaign is hyped on every platform, no potential youth aspiring have made a reliable step to lead Nigeria out of its current predicament. Are we ready as youths to take Nigeria to another level? What value of Unity do we possess as youths?

When we talk about real democracy, it is essential to note that both young and old people should participate, as there is already quite a lot of political conversation and debate on social media, when a young person approaches with political ambitions, it is important to listen and understand the youth and try to find out their cause and what and who they stand for.

Youths are looked down due to Age group, limited opportunities and resources ( funds and sponsors) and lack of experience. It should be noted that the presence of young people in politics should be seen as a benefit to all citizen and not just for their particular age group in decision making in the government.

Nigeria politics is beyond Jokes, Nigeria has become a joke as the old conservative politicians joke about every situation, in a country where there is poor economic development there should be topics that should be completely off limits to comedy, We hear of dirty tricks like Monkeys and snakes catering away with huge amount of money
* how can a mere animal like a monkey carter away a whopping amount like 70m? Or a snake swallowing 36m?
I guess it’s a misery which cannot be understood by normal people like Us.

Can we really redefine politics in Nigeria or are we still going to continue with the old conservative way? Can we as youths give a whole new meaning to unity and togetherness? Can we have a voice? leadership is about giving new, original and promising perspectives to things, we can’t continue talking about our views on social media, what if we step out of social media and take a drastic step in reality “Politicians and diapers have something In common ” and they must be frequently changed.This is the time

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