Jos-Gist – Why We Love Crinerry : [by #SomePrettyGirl]

Welcome to the second episode of “WHY WE LOVE” by #SomePrettyGirl

It’s no doubt that #SomePrettyGirl knows all about jos entertainment as she make the best pick to write on in her episodes of WHY WE LOVE, you can read the first episode [here].

#SomePrettyGirl : Hello J-town read me close, I’m just SomePrettyGirl with excess love for talent, fashion and life style in it’s entirety in the city of talents[Jos]

Happy Friday!!!! I hope y’all have good plans for your Friday because I do have some, that’ll blow your mind! So I have something for our today’s version of WHY WE LOVE, and this one is eermmm, kinda personal to me because I’m big time crushing on this guy 😊😊😊. But we’ve gotta admit he earned this one!!

1. His personality: short story, so one day I was on my own strolling with my friend o, that was how he just stopped and hailed one fiiinnneeee guy, as I no know am na, dem come introduce, he was like, meet my guy crinerry, he just shook my hands and looked at me, and there I knew it was all over🤣🤣. He hadn’t even spoken o, when he spoke i just knew I was in love, ladies and crushes chaiiiii !! but ok enough about my own. Others say he’s sweet, easy going, sexy(trust me I CONCUR), others say he’s proud but I spoke to him and realized he’s the former but trust me he’ll put you in your place when you match his territory…. lol!
2. His style; Ok so, crinerry dresses well, he knows how to look good asin very good, and before I forget ladies, y’all gotta check him out on a tuxedo,

His hair gives me life , I tell you the truth I lie not! He knows how to make it look good and clean too. I’ve been stalking so I have a couple of pictures to make you guys believe.

But crinerry, ermmm you see this your picture that you were closing eye ba,

I swear I no feel am at all!!¡!! I get the whole concept but it just made you look weird🙃 ( if you know, you know 😉).

3. His music; another thing that made me love him, before I even start, listen to fly away😁😁( me I took the song personally) He has very good stage attitude, performs like a pro that he is. Our very own Kendrick Lamar, we salute you sir!!! And listen to  SHIFT MAKE I FAINT. This Issa maaaaaaad tune!!! I love this song!

We love you crinerry, I’m a huge fan, a huge lover of you ,and I’m very beautiful o and you might like the chick but sorry bruh, shawty engaged 😜😜😜

I hope you like this version of WHY WE LOVE, feel free to air your views and also here is my mail
I would see you in the next two weeks. Love you all!!!


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